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kasey childers

business consulting + marketing strategy

i'll work with you 1-on-1 to develop your operations and marketing so you can run a simple, automated business

learn my signature consulting method so you can diy your profitable business at a price you can afford

let my agency team handle your social marketing efforts so you can focus on what you love

learn my best tips and tricks for scaling a simple, automated business around your goals

keep it simple.

i believe growing a small business doesn't have to be stressful, overwhelming, or expensive. in fact, all it takes is cutting out the noise and focusing on what makes you profitable. my mission is to save you from the hype of the hustle so you can work less and actually make more.

hey y'all!

i’ve been so guilty of the “never having time" excuse. the fact of the matter is we all have time…we’re just choosing to spend it differently. i’m a wife, mom, business owner, and so much more JUST LIKE YOU. so let’s take our time back and start working on what actually makes us profitable (or at least make more time for target runs)!

my zone of genius

thanks to my business bachelors degree (go 'neers!), experience at two fortune 500 companies, and years of owning my marketing agency, i am able to provide your business with the top strategies to meet your biggest goals.





Operational Structure





Social Media




I would still be struggling where to start my business if it wasn't for Kasey.  She guided me to understanding how to use my established brand and develop an online strategy, which I so desperately needed.  Her professionalism, her genuine approach to things, and her suggested solutions allowed me to develop a path forward for my brand. I would highly recommend Kasey to anyone looking to find their "Where do I start?"

Natalie Scibetta

NS Lifestyle Fitness Coaching